Monday, 31 October 2011

Well well well... Need Greating in Mexico

So let me see, where do I start...

Less than a week and I think we really like it here. The field is good. Although totally different from the African field, I like it because even having 12 bible studies can be monotonous (I know what you're thinking,"oh boo hoo!!" but you should try it first).

So what we do is go to door to door asking if anyone speaks English and if they say yes, we'll leave a tract or a magazine with the person. If they say no, we'll just thank them and leave. Reminds me a bit of a research type of field. But we like it.
So anyway, the brothers here are really like a family. We've been invited already 4 times in less than a week and apparently it's always like this here.
At the field service meetings, we have an average attendance of 12. Out of less than 30 publishers, we're 16 pioneers from California, Kentucky, Japan, Canada and us. And everyone wants to stay here long term. The kingdom all is beautiful with 2 halls and 5 congregations sharing them.

The town center is absolutely beautiful. Reminds us of Italy in the 50's. And we're in a valley surrounded by rocky hills which were old silver mines. There is also a typical roman aqueduct (although I'm not sure the Romans have anything to do with the original design) and an old bull fight ring, arena-style, which has been turned into an amazing (and expensive) hotel.
The people is really friendly. Sometimes we can't believe how much friendly they are. Do you know the saying: "Mi casa es su casa"?. Well we're realizing how true that is for the Mexican culture.

And the food? Well don't get me started on that... Quesadillas, Tacos, Tapas, Gorditas, Fajitas, Enchiladas... We're going to have problem not putting on weight while we're here. At the same time we're still adjusting at the altitude (more than 8000ft) so we generally feel breathless going up a easy hill. The temperature is perfect as well. Hot and dry during the day and chilly and cool when the sun goes down. The sky is always clear blue without clouds.

We'll start looking for a car this week and for a house in a couple of weeks. Who knows... if Jehovah directs us like he always does, we might end up here long term as well.

While we wait for his direction, we'll keep you updated on any development.

Ta ta for now

Hasta luego

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Nadie escarmienta en cabeza ajena

...or Nobody learns in the head of someone else!

So here we are, in the middle of nowhere (again) but this time in Mexico... the other side of the world for us, learning! Learning about a new culture, learning a new language and learning from past experiences which should have helped us to mature (without taking the fun away).

We just been in L.A. for a couple of days, visiting Hollywood Blvd, the walk of fame bla bla bla (nothing special, just a street with different tiles on the pavement) and we've been trying to catch up with the time difference, but now it should be easier as we're only 6 hours behind GMT while L.A. was 8 hours behind (I was up at 3am as it would be already 11am in UK).

So I have some sleep to catch up with. And some laundry. And some ironing.... Sigh!

The flight from L.A. to Zac was very pleasant actually. Nice spacious plane, very quiet and half empty. Never enjoyed a flight so much to be honest.
We landed at around 5pm local time and the sun was still scorching. But what struck me was the amazingly blue sky (el cielo azul). There were NO CLOUDS at all. And keep in mind that we're coming from rainy season in Uganda and the beginning of winter in UK so for us to see such a clear sky it's something!

Some brothers kindly came to pick us up and drove us home, which is next to theirs.
From what they say, things looks much easier here than Uganda of course but the field is still the same! And, this is official, there is great need in the English field... so much need that Bethel decided to send an MTS brother to the congregation (that's why I say it's official...because it is).

A couple who was living here and left recently kindly offered their house as they had paid rent in advance. This will allow us to look for a place suitable for us.
So we're here, ready for a good night sleep and the start of a new adventure!
Tomorrow we'll go around to get used to the place and I'll take some pictures so to give an idea of what Zac looks like.

Buenas noches a todos

Ve hablo luego