Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Important Message for All!

In the past few days, here in Zacatecas, the temperature has dropped drastically! It fluctuates between 2C (35.6F) and -1C (30.2F).
Many are finding it difficult to cope with!
Most of us don't even have the right clothes!
Majority don't have any heating in the house!
This is a call for all of you people!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

To stay!!!

Dear readers,

it's official! We're staying. At least for a year. Unless something bad happens that is...
Anyway, we're settled in our new house which is enormous, I finally got a job and the field has been great so far.
Have you ever had a 10 hour day in the field?
Well I've never had one until today. We finally organized our typical week:
Mondays we work all day and then we have the meeting in the evening;
Tuesdays I work early morning and then off for a long day in the field, which means either up to 5pm or 7pm;
Wednesdays I work early morning, off for a short day in the field which means up to 1pm, and then I work until evening;
Thursdays same as Tuesdays but longer so it's up to 8pm;
Fridays FREEEEEE!!!!
Saturdays same as Wednesdays (but generally there's a party or a gathering of some kind in the evening);
Sundays is field in the morning up to 12.30pm and then meeting at 3.30pm and then probably another gathering which generally is girls night watching a chick flick and boys night watching a comedy.
So today it's Thursday and we just got home from this morning at 9.30.
10 and a half hours people! 
We're ready for bed but the satisfaction has no price! And what a funny and productive way. Chris started a bible study and found a new call and I found a very interesting call (a woman was reading her bible and it happened she knew english because she lived in the US for 5 years).

Well, so I think you all get my point.

We're staying!!!

Monday, 7 November 2011

To stay or not to stay...

... that's the big dilemma! In a way, it's like we have decided we're going to stay. But at the same time, we don't know for how long we're going to stay.
In the meantime we found a really nice furnished house. It's BIG!!! And that's not necessarily a good thing, especially when you're only in two people. But here it seems that a two bedroom house is something "inconceivable" (as Vizzini said). You can either find a studio apartment, which would be too small for us, or a 3/4 bedroom house with 2 sitting rooms and 3 bathrooms and a massive terrace at the top of the house.
Anyway, it was a good deal and I'm sure Jehovah had something to do with this as we received a massive discount on it just because we're staying longer than the usual tenants. And as an additional blessing, the landlord is a car dealer.
The moment we met to agree on the house, a car turned up for a very cheap price. He offered to fix whatever is wrong with the car, whatever is wrong in the house and he's installing Internet for us. Which will be indispensable since Chris still works with websites and I'll soon start teaching online.
So that's it people... I think we're staying. Probably for at least a year.

In the meantime we're realizing how much need there was in the congregation. Chris is being used at every meeting for one thing or another. Which makes him very happy.
And I will never repeat this too often: the people here, especially the brothers, are simply AMAZING! Friendly, easygoing, helpful, hospitable, always smiling or cracking jokes and always in the field.

Well what else can I say? Our main worries were the house, the job and the car. Jehovah answered positively to all. It seems that everything is on the pro side of Mexico! And how can we say no to that???