Thursday, 24 November 2011

To stay!!!

Dear readers,

it's official! We're staying. At least for a year. Unless something bad happens that is...
Anyway, we're settled in our new house which is enormous, I finally got a job and the field has been great so far.
Have you ever had a 10 hour day in the field?
Well I've never had one until today. We finally organized our typical week:
Mondays we work all day and then we have the meeting in the evening;
Tuesdays I work early morning and then off for a long day in the field, which means either up to 5pm or 7pm;
Wednesdays I work early morning, off for a short day in the field which means up to 1pm, and then I work until evening;
Thursdays same as Tuesdays but longer so it's up to 8pm;
Fridays FREEEEEE!!!!
Saturdays same as Wednesdays (but generally there's a party or a gathering of some kind in the evening);
Sundays is field in the morning up to 12.30pm and then meeting at 3.30pm and then probably another gathering which generally is girls night watching a chick flick and boys night watching a comedy.
So today it's Thursday and we just got home from this morning at 9.30.
10 and a half hours people! 
We're ready for bed but the satisfaction has no price! And what a funny and productive way. Chris started a bible study and found a new call and I found a very interesting call (a woman was reading her bible and it happened she knew english because she lived in the US for 5 years).

Well, so I think you all get my point.

We're staying!!!


  1. Happy to hear you settled and made your decision. We know you will have a wonderful year in Mexico. I am almost jealous of the food. The field is outstandingly great here but alas we do not have foods that are influenced by Central and South America. Enjoy the experiences!

  2. I'm so glad you have a clear view of what you are going to do. Being in limbo can be difficult. And YES! I have done ten hour days! As a matter of fact, when doing unassigned territory we did two weeks of ten hour days (unless it was our night to cook). I loved it. Though I admit I hit my wall at about 8 hours... brain wouldn't function anymore! Sounds like a great schedule! I'm really happy for you guys!

  3. Lol...Friday: FREEEE!!! My favorite part!

  4. Thanks everyone for your support and for reading my blog... new updates soon