Monday, 31 December 2012

Branch letter Theocratic Year 2012/2013

Dear readers,

I know, I know... I haven't written in Ages!!!!
In my defense, we have been working our socks off here. Chris started teaching about 6 months ago which unfortunately means waking up at 6am every morning. I, for quite some times, had 3 jobs (3 1/2 actually) although now I reduced to 2.. still too much. Then obviously field, housework, went to UK for a month to sort out some stuff, came back, District Convention, etc.
I mean, you know how busy a Witness life is right? I don't need to explain it to you... We're all in the same system of things.
And that means that my excuses don't hold up... I know! Sorry!
But if you give me a chance, I'll make it up to you with some news from our neck of the woods!
So first of all:
I guess you remember Claudia? Chris found her in the field in February 2012 and started the study literally on the spot.
After the third study (I think! maybe it was before) she came to the meetings. After the first meeting, she started coming regularly "dressed up" as a witness, which was a great deal for her as she wasn't used to wear skirts.
At the beginning she couldn't come on Mondays as she works as receptionist in a hotel. Next thing I know, she starts coming on Mondays so I thought she changed her shifts (she works PM shifts generally, so I thought she moved it to the AM shifts) and didn't want to ask her about what she did. I was just happy she could come.
After a couple of months, it came out that she moved her shift to the NIGHT SHIFT! So she comes to the meeting and then she goes to work until 7am of the next day... So I was kind of speechless! I feel sorry every time she comes to Monday. But she's happy, so I'm happy.
In the meantime she already took a stand with her family for Christmas and she didn't vote this year. All this BEFORE we actually got to those chapters in the BT.
Anyway, if you think the surprises are done with, you're wrong! Hear Hear....
Not only she's been in the school since October... not only we had our first talk together a couple of weeks ago... SHE'S A PUBLISHER NOW!!!! She started last week and if everything goes to plans, she will be announced when the C.O. is here. WHOO HOOO!!!
Now, you will say, we're happy for you, but what does that have to do with the title of the blog?
Well, give me a minute... I'll get there.
(Chris is been appointed by the way...).
So we received this letter from Mexico Branch encouraging us to try and make a new publisher before August 2013. So the whole point is that, obviously thanks to Jehovah, I made it!!! I got a new publisher in the Theocratic Year 2012/2013 :) What's funny is that she really wants to get baptized so maybe next year either in May or July, I'll finally get a daughter (after 3 spiritual sons...)!

Anyway, we're definitely happy with having this privilege.

Also, do you remember when I posted about HOW SMALL THIS WORLD IS? Like, how in the truth everybody knows everybody? Okay, so listen to this.
In 10 days we will get the C.O.'s visit. The NEW C.O.'s visit. Now some time ago we heard that our new C.O. is from UK. Which is unusual to be honest. Anyway... at the same time we remembered that John and Agnetta (couple who took our house in Uganda) told us about his cousin being a C.O. in the English field in Mexico.
Guess who our new C.O. is? Him! Guess who is he staying with? Us! So anyway, it's funny sometimes how we can still find people who know people we know in two different sides of the world.

(Did I mention that Chris has been appointed as an elder :) ...? )

So that's it. Now I'm really done with the news. I will update when something "new" comes out, I promise.
But this month will be super busy, so I'm not sure I will be able to write before February. Let's see...

Thanks again for following...

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Zacatecas News...

Ok people, so listen up...
We have had many new things happening in these past weeks.
First of all obviously the Memorial. Zacatecas and Guadalupe rented a really beautiful place in an old hacienda where now Silver is the main business. Between the two congregation we have about 50 publishers and we were 90 in attendance. I was super happy as I had 2 interested ones coming. My super study (that's I will call her from now on) came and then another study actually surprised me as she came on her own.

Then my parents arrived and they're here for a month. My mom is having a lot done on her teeth. As you might know, here in Mexico dentist are super cheap and super good! So my parents decided to kill two birds with a stone by coming all the way here to see me and have their teeth done. My dad in the meantime is having some massages done to fix his sciatic nerve.

In the meantime I had something done to my teeth as well... I put on braces!!! Two years now... but the result will make them worth the sufferance.

Then... let me see...

Well my super study is making super progress. I just found out that to come on sunday and mondays for the meetings, she works 16 hours straight on saturdays. Last week she actually went to the Spanish meeting after getting off work (without going to sleep), went home, slept a couple of hours, got changed and came to the English meeting. And she doesn't miss a meeting now... she prepares, she contributes and she cleans the kingdom hall when it's our turn.

Ah yes, the Circuit Assembly is coming up soon... next weekend actually! It's going to be fun to drive down with Meg and Tay, Chad and Tania, be in the same hotel (which has a pool by the way)... I'm actually looking forward to that...

As for now, there is nothing else going on here... a part from the rain last night!!!

Anyway, keep you updated!

Ciao for now

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Zacatecas booming!

So, hear hear!
We're having amazing experiences here in Zacatecas. Do you remember I told you about the new study Chris found for me? Well I didn't know the whole story behind it.
That day after Chris knocked on her door, her mother came out and when asked if someone in the house spoke English, she quickly said no. So Chris obviously thanked her and left, walking towards the next house. In those few seconds the daughter, with her mouth full as she was eating, ran outside the door thinking that Chris needed help. Anyway, all this to tell you that had it been a fraction of a second more or a decibel less (if Chris had spoken with a lower voice, she wouldn't have heard him), we would have lost her.
...she's making an amazing progress already. We haven't even finished chapter one yet and she already changed her schedule completely to come to the meetings in English on Sundays (and that costs her all her saturdays evening). And now that she knows about the Memorial, she has already organized to attend both the Memorial and the Sunday meeting. And you should see how ready and prepared she is when I go for the study.
Now the thing I said before her family is catholic right? When we first started the study the mother was really nice to us, but eventually it came out from the daughter that she was kind of opposing her.
Then, one day, the daughter decided to show her what she had learned that morning studying with us and she showed her Exodus 20:4,5 about idols from her Catholic Bible. The mother's jaw dropped. She couldn't believe it. She had never seen that scripture in the Bible. Well after talking for long with the daughter, finally the mother decided to start the study in Spanish with the brothers who were visiting her bringing the magazines.
Can you believe it?
Then, again, one day the daughter shared with her mother God's name as she had learned it that morning. Now the mother calls God only Jehovah and prays using his name AND....
... AND... she got rid of a baby Jesus which was on the table where we used to study and today she told us that she wants to give it away because she doesn't believe in idols any more. And she also told us that she's grateful to Jehovah that she can see the truth now.
Only problem is that the husband now doesn't want her to study so the only way she can learn is by listening to the daughter explaining what she study with us.
Soooo... yeeeaaahhh.... cool huh?
And, last Sunday we had 8 interested ones at the KH and it seems that they're all regular. One of them found our service overseer and his wife in Starbucks and heard them talking about the Bible, so he walked up to them and told them that he thinks he should have a study with them. Never missed one ever since and he's coming to all the meetings. Another one, wrote to the Organization and asked for some books in English so when our COBE went to deliver the package it came out that he used to study a lot and that he had a rough life but he talks of Jehovah like a close friend and father. Never missed the study or the meeting ever since.

Well well well... Jehovah is blessing Zac that's for sure!

So if you're wondering where to go and want to ask any info, go ahead!

By the way, we have got our VISA!!! Officially visitante non inmigrante. I guess we have to stay here now.... What do you say? :-)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

How's life??

That question brings back a lot of memories. So let me see... how are we doing...
We're actually doing ok. Our papers finally arrived from Uganda so we're OFFICIAL in Zacatecas now. And tomorrow was our return ticket. I was supposed to do our check in online now...
And now it's going. I can hear it taking off... No flight back for a year now!
Anyway, the field is going great! Chris found a new study for me. She lived in the States for a long time and went to the KH a couple of times there but never really studied although she read the whole teach book in Spanish. So in one of our field day asking "Alguien en la casa habla ingles?", she came out and explained everything to Chris, including that a couple of days before brothers from the Spanish Congregation visited but she hid because, as she said it, "my family is catholic and I don't want to fight with them".
Fair enough... but then she told Chris that because he knocked again, she felt like Jehovah was telling her something. And now she's been studying for 2 weeks and she already came to the Kingdom Hall on Sunday and loved it. Now for her to come to the Kingdom Hall she has to swap her shift at the hotel where she works with another colleague so that she can attend the meeting. It worked out last Sunday so now she's hoping Jehovah will make it work again.

So funny enough, last Sunday, we had three interested ones at the meeting, which was great. One of them studies with Patrick (Service Overseer) in Starbucks every week and has really good and deep questions.
And another is a girl who was going to the Spanish congregation because one of her relative is studying, but she wasn't studying and her English is really good.
So we're having really good results considering that as a congregation, we're only 6 months old.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond their control, Cedie and Annie had to leave to return to their homes. It was really sad but I'm sure Jehovah will bless them wherever they are. Now we're waiting for Kentucky girls to come back. Can't wait honestly. We miss them a lot. I miss them a lot.
Not long for them now. And their parents are coming to visit with them.
So it will be nice to meet them and to show them how all crazy we are.

And we're waiting for my parents in exactly a month from today. And that's going to be lots of fun. And they're bringing me a lot of Italian goodies so... and we're going to PV when they come. I miss the sea sooooo much you can't even imagine. And then Assembly time. And then back home... So looking forward to that!

That's all for now!!!

Thanks for reading

PS. Check out my Flickr to see our crazy elders ;-)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Leon and Guanajuato

So, last weekend we went with Chad, Tania and Damaris (Tania's sister) to Leon, leather capital of Mexico, and Guanajuato, where Tania comes from.
Well, I don't think I need to tell you how lost I was in the leather capital... I was literally drooling... We went to this street where shops are ALL ABOUT LEATHER. Paradise for a woman basically (or a man to be honest). Then when you think you're entering this little tiny shop, you take two steps more toward the back of the shop only to find a massive leather market. Bags, belts, wallets, shoes, boots... ALL FOR DIRT CHEAP!!!!
Anyway, do you think that's cool? Check this out... Leon is the capital of all outlets of any shoe/bag/belt/leather brand you can imagine. Nike, Sketchers, Hush puppies, Lobo Solo, etc. They're all there...
Can you see this picture on the right? Look behind us... can you see the end of the street? No?
Well, this is the outlet plaza. Every single shop you see left, right, up, down... they're all outlet of shoes. They even have a Crocs outlet!!
Well I couldn't believe it!

Anyway, moving on... we had Chinese buffet before we drove to Guanajuato. It was about 3$ (2.5 GBP). And it was brilliant... all you can eat!

So at around 9pm, we drove to Guanajuato, to Tania's parents house. We got there and we were welcomed like family. Tania's mom was cooking tacos for us, but we were so full from the Chinese that she kept it for breakfast. So we stayed at Tania's brother, who is married to a Japanese Sister. They have the cutest girl, Airi.
So anyway, we had a nice night sleep. Then we had a BIG MASSIVE breakfast with tacos. At first I thought "Hmmm tacos for breakfast...too heavy for me". But then you watch everyone stuffing their faces, and you start drooling. And you give in... and I have to say they were absolutely DELICIOUS!!! I thought I would try only one, and I ended up having three and I had to stop myself...

So we hit the road to drive down to the center of Guanajuato. We parked and we walked nearly the whole city. Well, I have to say that it was absolutely stunning. The buildings, the streets, the smells, the colors... I mean, everything was nearly magic.

We had the best coffee ever... I have never enjoyed a day so much. And that's not only thanks to Guanajuato, but especially thanks to Chad and Tania. You can be in a beautiful place, but it's the company that makes the whole experience perfect. We had so much fun going into shops and just saying "Bartledoo" (I know... one day I'll elaborate) and taking funny pictures always saying "Would you look at that" (again... one day...). The last time I had that much fun was... was... hmmm... I can't remember!

After a whole day walking we went back to the house, to find lovely food, lovely company, lovely... everything!!!! Ate again, slept again...woke up and went for another wonderful coffee and... the best gorditas I've had since I've been here. Again you think "Hhmmm gorditas for breakfast...I don't know about that", but then you go to the stand and you see this wonderful food full of colors and you smell this mixtures of cheese, tomato sauce, peppers, chilli... and you can't say no. And you find yourself eating three instead of one. Best breakfast ever...

So we hit the road again, listened to the WT in the car, had a lot of fun again, got depressed as the lovely weekend ended (sigh), arrived home, went to the KH to help with the general cleaning, went home, had a shower, got dressed, went to the meeting, nearly dozed off (ooppsss)...went back and slept like a baby!

Well, people, if you ever visit Mexico, you need to visit Guanajuato...and don't forget Leon if you want a pair of shoes or a nice leather bag for the field...

Soooo... that's it... we're back to normality (sigh...) looking forward to next time we can hit the road and visit again.


Sunday, 12 February 2012

C.O. Visits

So we're having our C.O. visit here in Zac. The first as a congregation in 9 months... And we had our last C.O. visit in April in Uganda. So it was quite exciting. Shane and Misty Fleming are missionaries and after 8 years in Panama they have been given the privilege of the circuit work here in Mexico.
They are a very funny, down to earth, very encouraging couple with so many interesting experiences.
Funny enough they were in the same class as Gary and Angela Rappeneckers (do you remember them? in Uganda?).
So it was nice to relate to them. And we have so many things in common with them thanks to all the years we have been in Uganda.
His talks are really encouraging. I can see how the faithful and discreet slave, and therefore Jehovah, is keeping us up during these distressing times.
I love the way Jehovah keeps on letting us know that HE'S WATCHING and HE KNOWS what is going on down here to all of his servants. I am so appreciative.

And I loved the way he expressed zeal or being zealous at the pioneer meeting. We create a "space" around us to be able to pioneer in this crazy world and we don't allow anything to pierce that bubble. That's what being zealous/jealous mean.

And another thing I learned that I want to put into practice is to become a better teacher and this involves not talking. It involves limiting ourselves to the question in the teach book and if we need to add something, it should be like Jesus: illustrations, experiences and questions. Nothing more.

So something for me to work on as I like to talk a lot. ;-)

Anyway, today is the last day of the visit unfortunately. It was very busy, out morning and afternoon and with a meeting everyday of the week. So yes, "We are pressed in every way, but not cramped beyond movement; we are perplexed, but not absolutely with no way out; we are persecuted, but not left in the lurch; we are thrown down, but not destroyed."

So from tomorrow is back to normality. We're thinking of taking a weekend off... let's see!

So today is the public talk and I'll probably have a study coming... Jehovah I'll leave it up to you!!!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

First reunion!

So Steve and Sandra have arrived and we just realized how much we missed them. And we have also realized how small our big family is. So get this.
We met Steve and Sandra in Uganda in 2010. They came for a couple of months, invited by a Jonathan Gubser from Alaska.
They left. When asked, Steve told Trevor from Alaska to try Uganda. So he came for 6 months. Then he left.
When we decided to leave Uganda, we asked Steve if he knew of a place in need in Central America (everyone asks Steve...he's THE GUY). He put us in contact with Sam from Alaska living in Zacatecas. When we told everyone in Uganda that we were leaving, it comes out that Jonathan knows Sam as they worked together for the "prodigal son" drama just before Jonathan came to Uganda.
So anyway, we decide to come to Zacatecas while Trevor decides to go to Italy. When we arrive to Zacatecas, Sam is gone and Steve and Sandra agree to come and visit us in Mexico. In the meantime, while we are here, Megan and Taylor are here (Kentucky girls, do you remember them?). They stay in Sam's house after we move into our new house. They leave to go back home (they're coming back don't worry) and Sam's friends from Alaska, Don and Dolores Colman, arrive. They bring friends from Oklahoma with them. It comes out that Colmans live 30miles from Steve and Sandra in Alaska and they know each other very well. It comes out that Colmans know Jonathan. It comes out that Colmans know Trevor. In the meantime Trevor arrives in Italy and in his congregation is Luca, a brother who was in our English Congregation in Verona when we were serving there.
Steve and Sandra finally arrive and it comes out that Marshall, Megan and Tay's dad, used to go to Sandra's house when he was young and that his sister (or brother? not sure) was in Bethel with Steve and Sandra and it comes out that Steve remembers the Griggs family from when he was living in Kentucky before he was married to Sandra.
NOW... COME ON!!!!
Madness right?
So anyway...
We're sooooo happy to have Steve and Sandra. Unfortunately for them, Zacatecas decided to greet them with the coldest, darker, wetter (is that even a word?) weather... As soon as we told them that they wouldn't use their raincoat, it started pouring down. For the past few days it was raining, thundering, hailing... I couldn't believe it. So I hope that is going to change to the normal nice warm Mexican weather.
And now the house is really cold. Why are there not heating systems in the houses in Mexico????
So WELCOME STEVE AND SANDRA. Now we have a whole month to convince them ;-)

Updates soon...


Friday, 20 January 2012

New House

Sorry, people, I know the "I'll write once a week" went out of the windows this month!
We've been moving into the new house, scrubbing because it has just being painted, got the furniture, made the curtains, fixed the backyard...together with working, preaching, SAD etc etc etc.
So I'm exhausted at the moment, but happy to be into a house that I finally feel as mine.
If you go to the Flickr album you will see some of the photos, but we still haven't finished.
The Dining Room
We're still waiting to finish the guest room with a mattress, bed linen and maybe a desk. We'll see. We will have to finish it before the end of the month because STEVE AND SANDRA ARE COMING!!! WHOOHOOO!!!
But it's frustrating, especially for a woman, to have to wait and buy things a bit at a time, but what can you do?

So anyway, I'll take some more pictures later even of the lovely park we have opposite the house.

The field is going great. I found a girl who apparently studied a bit when she was young and didn't pay much attention until, and I'm quoting her here, "I saw the signs coming true". She was referring to Jesus' words obviously, but she remembers scriptures that I didn't expect her to remember. She mentioned the Maya prophecy about the end of the world but then she said "how's that possible if Jesus said that no one knows, neither the angels, nor the Son but only the Father?".
I was gobsmacked! She also has a lot of interesting questions about Revelation like "Why will Satan be released at the end of the 1.000 years?" or "Why is God going through so much trouble to save the great crowd?". I mean, she actually gives me a challenge every time without doing it on purpose, but I love it because I'm actually exercising my brain more.

So, this is it. More updates very soon.
In case you don't know, Spooky Trevor is in Italy as of the 18th of January for 3 months. So we hope he's going to enjoy his new need greating experience, the food, the wine and the landscape... and be careful not to come back too fat or engaged ok?

Ta ta for now