Tuesday, 31 January 2012

First reunion!

So Steve and Sandra have arrived and we just realized how much we missed them. And we have also realized how small our big family is. So get this.
We met Steve and Sandra in Uganda in 2010. They came for a couple of months, invited by a Jonathan Gubser from Alaska.
They left. When asked, Steve told Trevor from Alaska to try Uganda. So he came for 6 months. Then he left.
When we decided to leave Uganda, we asked Steve if he knew of a place in need in Central America (everyone asks Steve...he's THE GUY). He put us in contact with Sam from Alaska living in Zacatecas. When we told everyone in Uganda that we were leaving, it comes out that Jonathan knows Sam as they worked together for the "prodigal son" drama just before Jonathan came to Uganda.
So anyway, we decide to come to Zacatecas while Trevor decides to go to Italy. When we arrive to Zacatecas, Sam is gone and Steve and Sandra agree to come and visit us in Mexico. In the meantime, while we are here, Megan and Taylor are here (Kentucky girls, do you remember them?). They stay in Sam's house after we move into our new house. They leave to go back home (they're coming back don't worry) and Sam's friends from Alaska, Don and Dolores Colman, arrive. They bring friends from Oklahoma with them. It comes out that Colmans live 30miles from Steve and Sandra in Alaska and they know each other very well. It comes out that Colmans know Jonathan. It comes out that Colmans know Trevor. In the meantime Trevor arrives in Italy and in his congregation is Luca, a brother who was in our English Congregation in Verona when we were serving there.
Steve and Sandra finally arrive and it comes out that Marshall, Megan and Tay's dad, used to go to Sandra's house when he was young and that his sister (or brother? not sure) was in Bethel with Steve and Sandra and it comes out that Steve remembers the Griggs family from when he was living in Kentucky before he was married to Sandra.
NOW... COME ON!!!!
Madness right?
So anyway...
We're sooooo happy to have Steve and Sandra. Unfortunately for them, Zacatecas decided to greet them with the coldest, darker, wetter (is that even a word?) weather... As soon as we told them that they wouldn't use their raincoat, it started pouring down. For the past few days it was raining, thundering, hailing... I couldn't believe it. So I hope that is going to change to the normal nice warm Mexican weather.
And now the house is really cold. Why are there not heating systems in the houses in Mexico????
So WELCOME STEVE AND SANDRA. Now we have a whole month to convince them ;-)

Updates soon...


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  1. Amazing how large, but at the same time small, Jehovah's Organization is, isn't it? I love it! Thanks for the updates, and I hope that Steve and Sandra love every second, even the wet ones!