Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Zacatecas booming!

So, hear hear!
We're having amazing experiences here in Zacatecas. Do you remember I told you about the new study Chris found for me? Well I didn't know the whole story behind it.
That day after Chris knocked on her door, her mother came out and when asked if someone in the house spoke English, she quickly said no. So Chris obviously thanked her and left, walking towards the next house. In those few seconds the daughter, with her mouth full as she was eating, ran outside the door thinking that Chris needed help. Anyway, all this to tell you that had it been a fraction of a second more or a decibel less (if Chris had spoken with a lower voice, she wouldn't have heard him), we would have lost her.
...she's making an amazing progress already. We haven't even finished chapter one yet and she already changed her schedule completely to come to the meetings in English on Sundays (and that costs her all her saturdays evening). And now that she knows about the Memorial, she has already organized to attend both the Memorial and the Sunday meeting. And you should see how ready and prepared she is when I go for the study.
Now the thing I said before her family is catholic right? When we first started the study the mother was really nice to us, but eventually it came out from the daughter that she was kind of opposing her.
Then, one day, the daughter decided to show her what she had learned that morning studying with us and she showed her Exodus 20:4,5 about idols from her Catholic Bible. The mother's jaw dropped. She couldn't believe it. She had never seen that scripture in the Bible. Well after talking for long with the daughter, finally the mother decided to start the study in Spanish with the brothers who were visiting her bringing the magazines.
Can you believe it?
Then, again, one day the daughter shared with her mother God's name as she had learned it that morning. Now the mother calls God only Jehovah and prays using his name AND....
... AND... she got rid of a baby Jesus which was on the table where we used to study and today she told us that she wants to give it away because she doesn't believe in idols any more. And she also told us that she's grateful to Jehovah that she can see the truth now.
Only problem is that the husband now doesn't want her to study so the only way she can learn is by listening to the daughter explaining what she study with us.
Soooo... yeeeaaahhh.... cool huh?
And, last Sunday we had 8 interested ones at the KH and it seems that they're all regular. One of them found our service overseer and his wife in Starbucks and heard them talking about the Bible, so he walked up to them and told them that he thinks he should have a study with them. Never missed one ever since and he's coming to all the meetings. Another one, wrote to the Organization and asked for some books in English so when our COBE went to deliver the package it came out that he used to study a lot and that he had a rough life but he talks of Jehovah like a close friend and father. Never missed the study or the meeting ever since.

Well well well... Jehovah is blessing Zac that's for sure!

So if you're wondering where to go and want to ask any info, go ahead!

By the way, we have got our VISA!!! Officially visitante non inmigrante. I guess we have to stay here now.... What do you say? :-)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

How's life??

That question brings back a lot of memories. So let me see... how are we doing...
We're actually doing ok. Our papers finally arrived from Uganda so we're OFFICIAL in Zacatecas now. And tomorrow was our return ticket. I was supposed to do our check in online now...
And now it's going. I can hear it taking off... No flight back for a year now!
Anyway, the field is going great! Chris found a new study for me. She lived in the States for a long time and went to the KH a couple of times there but never really studied although she read the whole teach book in Spanish. So in one of our field day asking "Alguien en la casa habla ingles?", she came out and explained everything to Chris, including that a couple of days before brothers from the Spanish Congregation visited but she hid because, as she said it, "my family is catholic and I don't want to fight with them".
Fair enough... but then she told Chris that because he knocked again, she felt like Jehovah was telling her something. And now she's been studying for 2 weeks and she already came to the Kingdom Hall on Sunday and loved it. Now for her to come to the Kingdom Hall she has to swap her shift at the hotel where she works with another colleague so that she can attend the meeting. It worked out last Sunday so now she's hoping Jehovah will make it work again.

So funny enough, last Sunday, we had three interested ones at the meeting, which was great. One of them studies with Patrick (Service Overseer) in Starbucks every week and has really good and deep questions.
And another is a girl who was going to the Spanish congregation because one of her relative is studying, but she wasn't studying and her English is really good.
So we're having really good results considering that as a congregation, we're only 6 months old.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond their control, Cedie and Annie had to leave to return to their homes. It was really sad but I'm sure Jehovah will bless them wherever they are. Now we're waiting for Kentucky girls to come back. Can't wait honestly. We miss them a lot. I miss them a lot.
Not long for them now. And their parents are coming to visit with them.
So it will be nice to meet them and to show them how all crazy we are.

And we're waiting for my parents in exactly a month from today. And that's going to be lots of fun. And they're bringing me a lot of Italian goodies so... and we're going to PV when they come. I miss the sea sooooo much you can't even imagine. And then Assembly time. And then back home... So looking forward to that!

That's all for now!!!

Thanks for reading

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