Monday, 26 December 2011


A couple of updates for you:
1. Chris' dad is home now. He's feeling better and as long as he takes it easy for the next couple of months he should be fine. He gave us a big scare, but we're both happy he's fine.
2. We're changing house in the next few weeks. We found a house closer to the KH, in the territory and smaller. It's really nice, very oldish Italian style, in a privada (estate) enclosed with a beautiful park at the front where we can relax, use the swing or bbq some meat and have great parties with the brothers. It has 3 bedrooms (difficult to find it smaller than this), 2 and a half bathrooms (perfect for guests) big kitchen, dining and sitting area all open space (which I love). Now we need to buy the furniture. We'll move in the 15th of January after the SA.
3. We need to think about how we can renew our visas. We can either try to get the yearly kind of resident visa or we can decide to go out of the country in March. To go out, we need to either fly to Chicago or maybe go with some friends over the border in Feb. But we're still evaluating all options. The thing is, we need to do something by March.
4. My parents are coming next year for a month. My mum need some work to be done on her teeth and Italy is crazy expensive. So they decided to come here, have the teeth fixed and have a little holiday with us. That is also because we're not going home until March 2013 so I suppose they wanted to see us. So that's is going to be fun. 
5. My dearest Kentucky girls, Megan and Tay, are going home in few days until March so I'm quite sad. We have a great time together. I never thought I would meet such spiritual and "crazy" girls. We love them dearly. They're like sisters to me. So I hope nothing will make them change their mind. They're probably going to stay with us when they come back while they look for a house. In the meantime, we'll miss you girls. Please come back.
6. More people are coming. A MTS (BSSB) brother is coming with his wife in January as assigned from Bethel which means the elders here will be able to relax a bit. I believe it's been hectic for them being only two in a newly formed congregation. Then a couple of couples (do you like the wording :] ) are coming from Alaska. We still don't know if they're going to stay in Zacatecas or not but if not, they will still need great somewhere else in Mexico. 
7. We insured the car!!! (Ok... wtv...)

Seriously, that's it more or less. If something else comes up I'll update again. The field is still going fine. Obviously with Christmas celebration is more difficult to find studies available to do the actual study but that's normal. 

If you ever have any questions about what's going on down here or how's Mexican food, just ask ok?

Got to go now...

See ya!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Jehovah the God of all comfort

The WT for this week has proved to be true (obviously right??!!).
You see, last week Chris' dad got pneumonia and ended up in hospital. We knew something was wrong because that was the day we generally call them to hear how they are. But this time their computer was off and there was no one at home. But we didn't want to be paranoid right?? The computer can be broken and they might have gone to do some shopping.
Then we called again the next day at a time we knew they would be home and still... no answer! Then we knew something was wrong (and to be honest with you I had that feeling the whole night). So Chris called his brother who told him that his dad was in hospital with pneumonia.
Imagine the panic. Here we are millions of miles away (ok only 5500 but still...) and we can't do anything about it. And we always promised ourselves and Chris' parents (and we always meant it and we still do) that we would be going back pronto if anything ever happens. So I feel desperately guilty and start looking at flights and Chris... well... you can imagine right?
So Chris calls his mum and obviously she's worried sick and tired but she can't sleep as well because she doesn't know anything yet because the doctors won't say much and Chris' dad had a problem with his kidneys since a couple of years ago so the infection attacked the kidneys as well, and he can't breathe properly so he has an oxygen mask, and the antibiotics are not responding... Then I obviously start thinking about his mum as well, not being able to sleep or eat and running to and from the hospital. And I feel even more terrible. I felt like I needed and wanted to be there to help her in the house so that she wouldn't have to worry about that as well.
So again... imagine the panic! Flights website again...
She kept on telling us not to panic and to wait before booking a flight back just to see if he would stabilize.
And he did for a couple of days. But he wouldn't eat. And that's worrying.
Then last Thursday we don't call because we're out in the field all day (one of our 10-hours day) and we forgot to tell Chris' mum. Anyway, the next day Chris' calls his brother in Italy and it comes out that hid dad got worse Thursday and he was coughing up blood and he couldn't breathe and that his mum was crying on the phone worried. PANIC!!!! We call Chris' mum and she explains everything and yes, his dad had a bad turn but not apparently the antibiotic started working properly and he was feeling better. Still not eating though...
Anyway, Chris' younger brother arrives from Greece as he anticipated the flight from Christmas so he could help his mum and when Chris talks to him it comes out that his dad was getting really depressed between being tired from not sleeping, being in the hospital and medications like morphine. So then I saw Chris checking out flights websites and then I REALLY GOT WORRIED!!!
We talked about it and we found a flight to Los Angeles and then we checked how to move the return flight forward. Anyway, we were ready to book it today for January the 12th.
This morning Chris calls his mum mobile while she's in the hospital with his dad and he talks to his dad and finally he can hear from his voice that he's doing well. He's eating, he's smiling and he doesn't need the oxygen anymore. Obviously he probably has another week in the hospital but the simple fact that he's eating is a relief. When Chris told me about it this morning he also said "I prayed about it last night". Well obviously we're not saying it's a miracle (we know better than that) but at least this gave us sort of peace of mind. Even just knowing that Chris' mum is doing better is a lot. And with her son there helping, she can obviously have some rest now (I hope).
Obviously we're still worried and ready to book the flight at any time but is in moments like these that we realize how close is Jehovah to us. He can give us the strength to keep calm and not panic completely.
In the meantime we're obviously trying to go on with our daily activities like working and preaching.
And we found a house. What? Yes we do have a house, but we're moving closer to the kingdom hall and in a smaller place. The house where we are served its purpose of letting us decide if we want to stay. So we didn't have to buy any furniture etc etc. But now that we decided (kinda of...) we looked for a smaller place where we feel at home. We'll move in on the 15th of January and then I will start posting photos.
We're also having some really good experiences in the field. One of my studies asked me about Christmas and its origins so I went back with the magazine from a couple of years ago. She still remembered what we talked about the previous time (idols and stuff) and she quoted the scripture we read PS. 115:4-6 from memory and she said that if it's in the Bible we must obey. I was kind of shocked. So now I'm going to go back on the Christmas subject next time and then start the systematic study with the TB.

Well, that's it for now. We'll keep you updated.

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Sorry it's been so long. I promised myself I would write at least every week but to be honest now our life is kind of "normal" (although we're not normal, so that can raise some eyebrows) and we're working and going out in the field all the time... So I am barely at home, and when I'm at home I'm either cooking, cleaning, teaching, preparing for the meeting, ironing, washing my hair (it takes time ok????) or hating the computer because I'm using it a lot.
Anyway, we don't have much news around here to be honest. We're waiting for December to go by, for the cold to leave us alone, for the new year to arrive, for the special assembly day in January and for Steve and Sandra (dear friends who got us here) to arrive and spend some time with us.

In the meantime, Chris started two studies. One of them actually said that after the first call, he went to do research online about us and found (thanks to the wonderful work of the bros in Bethel) our website. He has an interesting belief as he was obviously raised catholic but doesn't believe God is the one causing suffering and doesn't believe in hell and all that stuff. So he really wants to study and he wants to do it in a proper way, peaceful setting, sipping a cup of tea.
The other guy was in the US for a long time, had houses, cars, family...until he was kicked out and the wife doesn't want to know anything about him anymore. He can't even see his kids. Anyway, he obviously has a miserable life at the moment. If you pass him on the street, you wouldn't probably stop him as he looks kind of a "rapper" guy, so you wouldn't think he's interested in the Bible. But Chris started the study using chapter 3 of the TB (teach book) and he was really impressed when he learned about how this miserable world will soon end.
Wait, I just realized Chris has 3 studies. This other guy sells electronic stuff in a local market (they sell everything in these markets...even their old underwear). Chris offered a magazine the first time and the guy went off at once saying how "messed" up is the world (the word between caption is been edited to be suitable for a younger public) and how life is complicated, bla bla bla. Well Chris started with him as well. Three or four paragraph at the time, but it's constant. And he's always carrying the book with him.

Ok enough of that. I started two studies too. 
The first is a young girl, 19 years old who is still at school because she lost 2 years after getting pregnant at 15. She loves her daughter and wants to give her a better future and that's why she's been thinking about going back to spiritual things lately. Last saturday we had an appointment and she was waiting for me with the Truth tract on her own doorstep. Next saturday I'm going to start with the TB.
The other is a woman, around 30, who lived in the US for 5 years. We found her reading her Bible inside her own coffee shop. When we asked if she wanted to know more, she was 100% for it so I promised to go back with a TB. In the meantime the sister who was with me, Dinah, met her while doing some shopping around town and finding her a bit down, shared a couple of scriptures to encourage her. When I went back, last Tuesday, she was outside her shop looking at the infinite queue of people waiting to enter the Cathedral where the Pope's body/remains were (I know...). So after talking for a bit about this, that and the other, I gave her the book and made arrangement to study once a week.

So we're quite happy about that. Getting BS here is more difficult, but it gives more satisfaction because you have to work to get one, but if you work well, you'll actually get it.

So anyway, these are the only news. Ah no, wait. I have another news. I made pizza!!!!
And it came out perfect! (Yes Trev, better than Uganda). We had a party Sunday night, so I made pizza and some of the girls experimented making different type of margaritas. Hard life!!!

That's all folks.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Zacatecas refugees

The cold is increasing. 
More people is sleeping outside in the streets as it's warmer than inside the house. 
Food is scarce.
Diseases are spreading. 
You can help!!!!