Thursday, 8 December 2011


Sorry it's been so long. I promised myself I would write at least every week but to be honest now our life is kind of "normal" (although we're not normal, so that can raise some eyebrows) and we're working and going out in the field all the time... So I am barely at home, and when I'm at home I'm either cooking, cleaning, teaching, preparing for the meeting, ironing, washing my hair (it takes time ok????) or hating the computer because I'm using it a lot.
Anyway, we don't have much news around here to be honest. We're waiting for December to go by, for the cold to leave us alone, for the new year to arrive, for the special assembly day in January and for Steve and Sandra (dear friends who got us here) to arrive and spend some time with us.

In the meantime, Chris started two studies. One of them actually said that after the first call, he went to do research online about us and found (thanks to the wonderful work of the bros in Bethel) our website. He has an interesting belief as he was obviously raised catholic but doesn't believe God is the one causing suffering and doesn't believe in hell and all that stuff. So he really wants to study and he wants to do it in a proper way, peaceful setting, sipping a cup of tea.
The other guy was in the US for a long time, had houses, cars, family...until he was kicked out and the wife doesn't want to know anything about him anymore. He can't even see his kids. Anyway, he obviously has a miserable life at the moment. If you pass him on the street, you wouldn't probably stop him as he looks kind of a "rapper" guy, so you wouldn't think he's interested in the Bible. But Chris started the study using chapter 3 of the TB (teach book) and he was really impressed when he learned about how this miserable world will soon end.
Wait, I just realized Chris has 3 studies. This other guy sells electronic stuff in a local market (they sell everything in these markets...even their old underwear). Chris offered a magazine the first time and the guy went off at once saying how "messed" up is the world (the word between caption is been edited to be suitable for a younger public) and how life is complicated, bla bla bla. Well Chris started with him as well. Three or four paragraph at the time, but it's constant. And he's always carrying the book with him.

Ok enough of that. I started two studies too. 
The first is a young girl, 19 years old who is still at school because she lost 2 years after getting pregnant at 15. She loves her daughter and wants to give her a better future and that's why she's been thinking about going back to spiritual things lately. Last saturday we had an appointment and she was waiting for me with the Truth tract on her own doorstep. Next saturday I'm going to start with the TB.
The other is a woman, around 30, who lived in the US for 5 years. We found her reading her Bible inside her own coffee shop. When we asked if she wanted to know more, she was 100% for it so I promised to go back with a TB. In the meantime the sister who was with me, Dinah, met her while doing some shopping around town and finding her a bit down, shared a couple of scriptures to encourage her. When I went back, last Tuesday, she was outside her shop looking at the infinite queue of people waiting to enter the Cathedral where the Pope's body/remains were (I know...). So after talking for a bit about this, that and the other, I gave her the book and made arrangement to study once a week.

So we're quite happy about that. Getting BS here is more difficult, but it gives more satisfaction because you have to work to get one, but if you work well, you'll actually get it.

So anyway, these are the only news. Ah no, wait. I have another news. I made pizza!!!!
And it came out perfect! (Yes Trev, better than Uganda). We had a party Sunday night, so I made pizza and some of the girls experimented making different type of margaritas. Hard life!!!

That's all folks.


  1. I have GOT to get me some of that Pizza!
    Nice to hear about your guy's studies. Alaska has some difficulties in that realm, at least for me. Sometimes I feel quite discouraged when I see others starting studies, but not myself. Oh well, lean on Jehovah and continue to develop the art of teaching, right? :]

  2. I agree on the leaning on Jehovah. We had 12 studies each when we left Uganda so it's quite hard to have only 1 or 2 but at the same time as I said there is more satisfaction because you work to get some.
    Regarding the will get some in Italy right? Remember: real Italian pizza is only with thin crust.