Monday, 26 December 2011


A couple of updates for you:
1. Chris' dad is home now. He's feeling better and as long as he takes it easy for the next couple of months he should be fine. He gave us a big scare, but we're both happy he's fine.
2. We're changing house in the next few weeks. We found a house closer to the KH, in the territory and smaller. It's really nice, very oldish Italian style, in a privada (estate) enclosed with a beautiful park at the front where we can relax, use the swing or bbq some meat and have great parties with the brothers. It has 3 bedrooms (difficult to find it smaller than this), 2 and a half bathrooms (perfect for guests) big kitchen, dining and sitting area all open space (which I love). Now we need to buy the furniture. We'll move in the 15th of January after the SA.
3. We need to think about how we can renew our visas. We can either try to get the yearly kind of resident visa or we can decide to go out of the country in March. To go out, we need to either fly to Chicago or maybe go with some friends over the border in Feb. But we're still evaluating all options. The thing is, we need to do something by March.
4. My parents are coming next year for a month. My mum need some work to be done on her teeth and Italy is crazy expensive. So they decided to come here, have the teeth fixed and have a little holiday with us. That is also because we're not going home until March 2013 so I suppose they wanted to see us. So that's is going to be fun. 
5. My dearest Kentucky girls, Megan and Tay, are going home in few days until March so I'm quite sad. We have a great time together. I never thought I would meet such spiritual and "crazy" girls. We love them dearly. They're like sisters to me. So I hope nothing will make them change their mind. They're probably going to stay with us when they come back while they look for a house. In the meantime, we'll miss you girls. Please come back.
6. More people are coming. A MTS (BSSB) brother is coming with his wife in January as assigned from Bethel which means the elders here will be able to relax a bit. I believe it's been hectic for them being only two in a newly formed congregation. Then a couple of couples (do you like the wording :] ) are coming from Alaska. We still don't know if they're going to stay in Zacatecas or not but if not, they will still need great somewhere else in Mexico. 
7. We insured the car!!! (Ok... wtv...)

Seriously, that's it more or less. If something else comes up I'll update again. The field is still going fine. Obviously with Christmas celebration is more difficult to find studies available to do the actual study but that's normal. 

If you ever have any questions about what's going on down here or how's Mexican food, just ask ok?

Got to go now...

See ya!

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  1. Good to hear all the updates! What a relief to hear about Chris' dad, huh?
    Megan and Tay are the ones that were suffering so heavily in the cold, right? Too, too bad. Here's to praying for Jehovah to best support them in their efforts to join you guys again.
    Questions? Hm. If I think of any, I'll drop you a comment.