Monday, 31 December 2012

Branch letter Theocratic Year 2012/2013

Dear readers,

I know, I know... I haven't written in Ages!!!!
In my defense, we have been working our socks off here. Chris started teaching about 6 months ago which unfortunately means waking up at 6am every morning. I, for quite some times, had 3 jobs (3 1/2 actually) although now I reduced to 2.. still too much. Then obviously field, housework, went to UK for a month to sort out some stuff, came back, District Convention, etc.
I mean, you know how busy a Witness life is right? I don't need to explain it to you... We're all in the same system of things.
And that means that my excuses don't hold up... I know! Sorry!
But if you give me a chance, I'll make it up to you with some news from our neck of the woods!
So first of all:
I guess you remember Claudia? Chris found her in the field in February 2012 and started the study literally on the spot.
After the third study (I think! maybe it was before) she came to the meetings. After the first meeting, she started coming regularly "dressed up" as a witness, which was a great deal for her as she wasn't used to wear skirts.
At the beginning she couldn't come on Mondays as she works as receptionist in a hotel. Next thing I know, she starts coming on Mondays so I thought she changed her shifts (she works PM shifts generally, so I thought she moved it to the AM shifts) and didn't want to ask her about what she did. I was just happy she could come.
After a couple of months, it came out that she moved her shift to the NIGHT SHIFT! So she comes to the meeting and then she goes to work until 7am of the next day... So I was kind of speechless! I feel sorry every time she comes to Monday. But she's happy, so I'm happy.
In the meantime she already took a stand with her family for Christmas and she didn't vote this year. All this BEFORE we actually got to those chapters in the BT.
Anyway, if you think the surprises are done with, you're wrong! Hear Hear....
Not only she's been in the school since October... not only we had our first talk together a couple of weeks ago... SHE'S A PUBLISHER NOW!!!! She started last week and if everything goes to plans, she will be announced when the C.O. is here. WHOO HOOO!!!
Now, you will say, we're happy for you, but what does that have to do with the title of the blog?
Well, give me a minute... I'll get there.
(Chris is been appointed by the way...).
So we received this letter from Mexico Branch encouraging us to try and make a new publisher before August 2013. So the whole point is that, obviously thanks to Jehovah, I made it!!! I got a new publisher in the Theocratic Year 2012/2013 :) What's funny is that she really wants to get baptized so maybe next year either in May or July, I'll finally get a daughter (after 3 spiritual sons...)!

Anyway, we're definitely happy with having this privilege.

Also, do you remember when I posted about HOW SMALL THIS WORLD IS? Like, how in the truth everybody knows everybody? Okay, so listen to this.
In 10 days we will get the C.O.'s visit. The NEW C.O.'s visit. Now some time ago we heard that our new C.O. is from UK. Which is unusual to be honest. Anyway... at the same time we remembered that John and Agnetta (couple who took our house in Uganda) told us about his cousin being a C.O. in the English field in Mexico.
Guess who our new C.O. is? Him! Guess who is he staying with? Us! So anyway, it's funny sometimes how we can still find people who know people we know in two different sides of the world.

(Did I mention that Chris has been appointed as an elder :) ...? )

So that's it. Now I'm really done with the news. I will update when something "new" comes out, I promise.
But this month will be super busy, so I'm not sure I will be able to write before February. Let's see...

Thanks again for following...


  1. Wow! After Wow after Wow! Hehe Very encouraging :D

    1. Thanks! I know... super good news... Hoping for some more now :P

  2. Hola mi hermana! Greetings from New York, USA! I was searching for Need-Greaters in Mexico and found your blog. So glad I did! I love your posts! Congrats on your husband being appointed and that is so amazing about your super Bible student! :)

    I was in Guadalajara for three weeks last year to attend an intensive Spanish class and loved the English congregation I attended. I will be completely finished with school later this year and I'm going back to Mexico for a few months. At first I'll be in Guadalajara for at about 6-8 weeks, and then who knows? But I can't wait! I don't know how much longer you and your husband are planning on staying in Mexico, but it would be fabuloso if you were still around a year from now! :)

    Abrazos y Besos!

  3. Nice. I am a sister in Thermal,California, USA who came across you blog while searching for a brother who is a dentist in Algodones, Mexico...anyway, great blog and keep up the good work. Want to go to a country with a lot of Bible studies and not enough witness to preach to everyone who is waiting for a study? IF you don't get into Africa, have you considered the Dominican Republic. My daughter and her husband moved to preach there. She was there for over three years while single and he had gone to preach two times while she was there. I have been there to preach 2 different trips. It really is incredible!!
    Well, may Jehovah bless you and direct you where he wants you. Your sister, Kathy Thomas