Saturday, 5 May 2012

Zacatecas News...

Ok people, so listen up...
We have had many new things happening in these past weeks.
First of all obviously the Memorial. Zacatecas and Guadalupe rented a really beautiful place in an old hacienda where now Silver is the main business. Between the two congregation we have about 50 publishers and we were 90 in attendance. I was super happy as I had 2 interested ones coming. My super study (that's I will call her from now on) came and then another study actually surprised me as she came on her own.

Then my parents arrived and they're here for a month. My mom is having a lot done on her teeth. As you might know, here in Mexico dentist are super cheap and super good! So my parents decided to kill two birds with a stone by coming all the way here to see me and have their teeth done. My dad in the meantime is having some massages done to fix his sciatic nerve.

In the meantime I had something done to my teeth as well... I put on braces!!! Two years now... but the result will make them worth the sufferance.

Then... let me see...

Well my super study is making super progress. I just found out that to come on sunday and mondays for the meetings, she works 16 hours straight on saturdays. Last week she actually went to the Spanish meeting after getting off work (without going to sleep), went home, slept a couple of hours, got changed and came to the English meeting. And she doesn't miss a meeting now... she prepares, she contributes and she cleans the kingdom hall when it's our turn.

Ah yes, the Circuit Assembly is coming up soon... next weekend actually! It's going to be fun to drive down with Meg and Tay, Chad and Tania, be in the same hotel (which has a pool by the way)... I'm actually looking forward to that...

As for now, there is nothing else going on here... a part from the rain last night!!!

Anyway, keep you updated!

Ciao for now


  1. Hi guys. You don't know me, but I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading about your experiences in your blogs and that it's been a real encouragement. Keep it up! Your super study really is super ;) (I also left a comment w/ question in your old blog on the Oct. 2010 post.)

    Your brother in the USA,


  2. Hi Mark, I'm so sorry it took me so long to find your comment. I never noticed it. Thanks for appreciating and for following. Yeah my study is super super :) From which part of the States are you following us? Do you know Trevor?

    1. Thanks for the reply. I actually was surprised how quickly you responded. :) I'm from the Midwest, I don't know Trevor personally but I stumbled across his blog a while back and from there I found yours.

  3. Hi, I am one of Jehovah Witness's and would like to know how to come and get my teeth done and who I should use. Would love also to join the Kingdom Hall for one month.
    JoAnne Springer

  4. I need my teeth done, too Taby! Haha! Maybe this could be a new referral job, huh? HA! Cause my teeth are MESSED UP.

    Miss you guys, and I hope all is going well!
    (Forgot to call your dad about Verona, poop)